(1)   Comprehensive Plan: The Canyon County comprehensive plan, as amended, shall apply to the Caldwell area of city impact. Canyon County recognizes that the city of Caldwell has also developed a comprehensive plan and accompanying map for the Caldwell area of city impact. Canyon County shall give consideration to the city's comprehensive plan map designations when evaluating development requests with the Caldwell area of city impact.
   (2)   Hearing Participation: The city of Caldwell may apply at any time to amend Canyon County's comprehensive plan and/or zoning ordinance, as the city of Caldwell deems necessary and appropriate, and shall fully participate in the hearing process. Input from the city of Caldwell will not be binding or controlling on Canyon County, but shall be treated as documentary evidence. The city of Caldwell shall have affected party status pursuant to Idaho Code section 67-6521 of the local land use planning act, and the county shall review and consider the city of Caldwell's planning goals for growth and development in the Caldwell area of city impact when the county considers comprehensive planning and zoning changes affecting the Caldwell area of city impact.
   (3)   Comprehensive Plan Amendment Proposals: Notice of all proposals to amend the county comprehensive plan, which may pertain to the Caldwell area of city impact but which do not originate from the city of Caldwell, shall be given to the city of Caldwell community development director at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the first county public hearing at which such proposal is considered by the county, and the city of Caldwell may make a recommendation before or at said public hearing. After the city receives its initial thirty (30) days' notice, any further notice of proposed changes to the proposal will be provided to the city of Caldwell at least seven (7) days prior to the public hearing. If a recommendation is received by the county from the city of Caldwell, the recommendation shall be given consideration by the county, provided it is factually supported. Such recommendation shall not be binding on the county. If no recommendation is received, Canyon County may proceed without the recommendation of the city of Caldwell.
   (4)   Final Document Forwarding: After final action has been taken on any proposed amendments to the county's comprehensive plan and/or zoning ordinance or subdivision regulations, Canyon County shall notify the city of Caldwell of said final action by forwarding a copy to the city of Caldwell of all final documents reflecting the action taken by Canyon County. (Ord. 05-013, 6-1-2005)