(1)   Lands Within Area Of impact: Annexation by the city of Caldwell shall be limited to lands lying within the area of impact, unless the owner of the land requests that the tract of land be annexed by the city of Caldwell pursuant to Idaho Code, section 50-222 et seq., and the land is contiguous or adjacent to the boundaries of the city of Caldwell.
   (2)   Application Of Provisions Upon Annexation: Upon annexation, the provisions of this article shall no longer apply to the annexed area.
   (3)   Annexation Notification: The city of Caldwell shall notify the director of the county's development services department ("director") in writing ten (10) calendar days in advance of the first city public hearing at which each annexation is considered by the city of Caldwell. The city of Caldwell shall notify Canyon County, in writing, within ten (10) calendar days following the effective date of the annexation ordinance. (Ord. 05-013, 6-1-2005)