(1)   Effect On Rights And Liabilities Under The Existing Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance: This article, in part, comes forward by re-enactment of some of the provisions of the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance enacted September 28, 1984 as amended, and it is not the intention to repeal but rather to re-enact and continue to enforce without interruption of such existing provisions, so that all rights and liabilities that have accrued thereunder are reserved and may be enforced. The enactment of this article shall not affect any action, suit, or proceeding instituted or pending. All provisions of the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance of Canyon County enacted on September 28, 1984, as amended, which are not reenacted herein are repealed.
   (2)   Effect Upon Outstanding Floodplain Development Permits: Nothing herein contained shall require any change in the plans, construction, size, or designated use of any development or any part thereof for which a floodplain development permit has been granted by the Floodplain Administrator or his or her authorized agents before the time of passage of this article. Provided, however, that when construction is not begun under such outstanding permit within a period of one hundred eighty (180) days subsequent to the date of issuance of the outstanding permit, construction or use shall be in conformity with the provisions of this article. (Ord. 19-038, 8-30-2019)