(1)   Eligibility; Term; Application: Any person holding a County liquor license may serve and sell liquor at retail by the drink at a party or convention, but said license shall not exceed three (3) consecutive days upon obtaining a liquor catering permit. Applications for such permit shall be made to the County Clerk upon the form prescribed by the Director of Law Enforcement for the State, which shall contain the following information:
      A.    The name and address of the applicant and the number of the applicant's State liquor license and the applicant's County liquor license.
      B.    The dates and hours during which the permit is to be effective, not to exceed three (3) consecutive days.
      C.    The names of the organizations, groups or persons sponsoring the event.
      D.    The address at which the liquor is to be served in, and if a public building, the rooms in which the liquor is to be served.
   (2)   Verification; Fee: The application shall be verified by the applicant and filed with the County Clerk. A filing fee in the amount of twenty dollars ($20.00) for each day the permit is to be effective shall be paid to the County Clerk which shall not be refunded in any event. (Ord. 95-007, 11-13-95, eff. 1-1-96)