(1)   Investigation; Inspection Of Premises: Upon receiving an application for a new license, an application for license renewal, or an application for license transfer, the Office of the Board of County Commissioners, County Building Official, County Sheriff and Fire Marshal may investigate the statements and representations contained in the application, may inspect the premises where the applicant proposes to do business, and may make such other further investigations as may be deemed proper to ascertain whether the applicant conforms to all of the requirements of this article. All reports and findings pertaining to said investigation shall be submitted to the Board of County Commissioners, who shall then decide whether or not to grant or deny the request for a license.
   (2)   Right Of Inspection/Investigation: The County Code Enforcement Officer, the Fire Marshal, County Building Official, County Sheriff and any other law enforcement officer or designee of said officials shall have the right to conduct inspection of the premises of any licensee at reasonable times for the purpose of investigating whether or not the licensee is in compliance with this article. The above described officials shall have the right to investigate the background and statements made in the application. Said application shall constitute a release of information by each applicant which permits County officials to investigate those records pertaining or relevant to application information and requirements of this article. (Ord. 95-007, 11-13-1995, eff. 1-1-1996)