(A)   There may be installed at such points on streets and avenues in the City of Canton, as may be directed by the City Council, appropriate signs notifying drivers of vehicles to come to a full stop.
   (B)   The signs, devices or marks are to bear the word “STOP” and to be located in such position and to be provided with letters of a size to be clearly legible from a distance of at least 100 feet along the street upon which the sign is placed.
   (C)   All such signs shall be illuminated at night or so placed as to be illuminated by street lights or by the headlights of approaching motor vehicles.
   (D)   Whenever any such sign has been created it shall be unlawful for the driver or operator of any vehicle to fail to stop in obedience thereto.
   (E)   The operator of any vehicle who has come to a full stop as required above shall be subject to the usual right of way prescribed by law.
(Ord. 64-12, passed 12-21-1964)  Penalty, see § 70.99