Section 1-2  Incorporation continued; corporate name and general corporate powers.
The inhabitants of the Town of Canton, Haywood County, N. C., shall be and continue as heretofore, together with those taken in by the extension of the corporate limits by the next section of this act, a body politic and corporate, and shall bear the name and style of the "Town of Canton," and under such name and style it is hereby invested with all the property and rights of property which now belong to the present Town of Canton; and by the corporate name of the Town of Canton it may purchase and hold for the purpose of its government, welfare and improvement all such real estate and personal property as may be deemed necessary therefor, or as may be conveyed, devised or bequeathed to it, and may from time to time sell, dispose of and re-invest as shall be deemed advisable by the Board of Aldermen of said Town.
(Private Laws 1907, Ch. 90, Sec. 2)