(A)   Handicap parking spaces shall be provided in all city owned, leased or operated parking lots in a ratio of not less than four percent (4%) of the total of all parking spaces in each such lot but with not less than two (2) such handicapped parking spaces per lot.
   (B)   That no motor vehicle shall be parked in a handicapped parking space on either public or private property in violation of this section, of section 3-616 or of section 11-1301.3 of the Illinois vehicle code 1 .
   (C)   That the use of such handicap parking spaces shall be reserved to the exclusive use of handicap persons subject, however, to all other restrictions placed upon the parking of motor vehicles in such lots. Identification of handicap persons using such spaces shall be made in one of the following ways:
      1.   By reference to the display on a parked motor vehicle of a handicap vehicle license plate, decal, or device issued by one of the several states or subdivisions thereof and displayed on a currently registered motor vehicle.
   (D)   The construction and layout of handicap parking spaces shall be in conformity with the requirements set forth in state of Illinois capital development board publication, "Accessibility Standards (Illustrated)" (June 1978), as the same may be amended. Each such handicap parking space shall be clearly marked and identified as such.
   (E)   Handicap persons selling or transferring motor vehicles shall remove the decal or device from such vehicle prior to the sale or transfer. No replacement decal or device shall be issued unless the remains or scrapings from the prior decal or device are presented to the police department at the time the request for replacement is made. (Ord. 1985, 8-4-2009)
   (F)   Use of a handicap parking space by a motor vehicle not being then used for the transportation of handicap persons shall subject the operator of such motor vehicle to the penalties set forth in title 1, chapter 27, "General Penalty", of this code and the fee schedule that is adopted by city council from time to time according to 625 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-1301(c) for each such occurrence, exclusive of court costs. The parking of a motor vehicle not displaying a valid handicap marker as set forth in subsection (C)1 of this section, in a handicap parking space shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this section. (Ord. 4034, 7-19-2016)



1. 625 ILCS.