All fences of any nature, type or description located in the city shall conform to the following regulations:
It shall be unlawful to erect or construct or cause to be erected or constructed any fence except in compliance with this section. As applicable, the following minimum regulations shall apply:
   (A)   Residence districts:
      1.   Fences over four and one-half feet (41/2') in height except when located within the side and rear yards of a lot are prohibited.
      2.   Fences of any height located within the areas adjoining a street right of way closer to the street line than the minimum setbacks established for buildings. No such fence shall exceed three feet (3') in height.
      3.   No fence located within residence districts shall be located closer than twelve inches (12") from any alley, sidewalk, or driveway.
   (B)   Fences which are not specifically required to meet regulations for the individual zoning districts, shall conform to the following requirements:
      1.   No fence in excess of six feet (6') in height above the fence lot ground elevation shall hereafter be erected along the line dividing two (2) lots or parcels of land or erected within any side or rear yard.
      2.   No fence shall hereafter be erected in the front yard more than six feet (6') in height above the fence lot ground elevation; provided further, that no fence shall be erected closer than twelve inches (12") to any public sidewalk.
   (C)   All fences hereafter erected shall be of an ornamental nature. Barbed wire, spikes, nails, or any other sharp point or instrument of any kind on top or on the sides of any fence, or electric current or charge in said fence, are prohibited. Barbed wire cradles may be placed on top of fences enclosing public buildings or wherever deemed necessary by the zoning administrator in the interest of public safety.
   (D)   No fence, wall, structure, or planting, sign or obstruction shall be erected, established or maintained on any corner lot which will obstruct the view of a driver of a vehicle approaching the intersection, excepting that shade trees are permitted where all branches are not less than seven feet (7') above the road level. Such "unobstructed corner" shall mean a triangular area formed by the street curb lines or existing street edge if no curb line exists and a line connecting them at points thirty feet (30') from the intersection of the street lines, or in the case of a rounded corner, from the intersection of the street lines, as extended.
   (E)   Fences in industrially zoned areas or as required by public safety may exceed six feet (6') in height.
   (F)   With the exception of front yard and corner lot fence requirements, variances from the requirements of this section may be requested and obtained in conformity with variance procedures from time to time set forth in title 10, "Zoning Regulations", of this code.
   (G)   A violation of this section shall be punishable by a fine of not less than twenty five dollars ($25.00) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500.00). Each and every day, or portion thereof, during which a violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense.
   (H)   Except as any existing fence, wall or other barrier may violate an existing provision of this code, fences, walls and barriers in place as of the effective date hereof shall be exempt from any provisions of this section which are greater or more restrictive in nature than the provisions amended by this section. (Ord. 1233, 4-5-1989)