(A)   License Required: It shall be unlawful within the city of Canton to perform any roofing work, for profit, unless licensed by the city of Canton.
   (B)   License Requirements: No license will be issued unless the roofing contractors are properly licensed through the state of Illinois. Contractors must have the name of their company properly identified on their trucks. Any advertisement or contract with their letterhead must list their state roofing license number. Licenses must be renewed annually.
   (C)   Cost Of License: The city will require a nonrefundable ten dollar ($10.00) processing fee to be paid at the time of the application.
   (D)   Application: The contractor will be required to submit, on a form provided by the city, an annual application.
   (E)   Proof Of License: Contractors shall exhibit their city license at a prominent location when performing roofing work, such as in their truck or affixed to the home. Contractors shall have their city license available for inspection upon demand by local law or code enforcement officials.
   (F)   Violation: It shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this section if contractors cannot produce a current, valid license with the city of Canton or state of Illinois, upon demand.
   (G)   Penalty: In addition to the penalties under Section 3-2-7, and in the event of a violation of this Section 3-2-10, local law or code enforcement officials are authorized to stop all work being performed by any unlicensed contractor.
(H)   List Of Licensed Contractors: The city will maintain and update, at least semiannually, a list of all roofing contractors with valid, city licenses. The city will have a list of licensed roofing contractors readily available from the building and zoning official and the city clerk's office. The city will also post the list of licensed contractors at city hall and on the city's website. (Ord. 1989, 9-1-2009, eff. 1-1-2010; amd. Ord. 4296, 8-2-2022)