General Provisions
   97.001   Assessable current services
   97.002   Tree diseases and shade tree pest control
   97.015   Public nuisance
   97.016   Public nuisances affecting health
   97.017   Public nuisances affecting morals and decency
   97.018   Public nuisances affecting peace and safety
   97.019   Nuisance parking and storage
   97.020   Inoperable motor vehicles
   97.021   Building maintenance and appearance
   97.022   Duties of city officers
   97.023   Abatement
   97.024   Recovery of cost
   97.035   Short title
   97.036   Jurisdiction
   97.037   Definitions; exclusions
   97.038   Owners responsible for trimming, removal and the like
   97.039   Filing complaint
   97.040   Notice of violations
   97.041   Appeals
   97.042   Abatement by city
   97.043   Liability
Open Burning
   97.060   Definitions
   97.061   Prohibited materials
   97.062   Permit required for open burning
   97.063   Purposes allowed for open burning
   97.064   Permit application for open burning; permit fees
   97.065   Permit process for open burning
   97.066   Permit holder responsibility
   97.067   Revocation of open burning permit
   97.068   Denial of open burning permit
   97.069   Burning ban or air quality alert
   97.070   Rules and laws adopted by reference
   97.071   External solid fuel-fired heating devices (outdoor wood burning stoves)
General Nuisances
   97.085   Junk cars, furniture, household furnishings and appliances stored on public or private property
   97.086   Abandoning a motor vehicle
   97.087   Prohibited use of mobile homes and recreational camping vehicles
   97.088   Maintenance of private property
   97.089   Open pits, basements and other excavations
   97.090   Radio and television interference
   97.999   Penalty