Police Department
143.01   Registration fee for under-speed vehicles.
   Distribution of obscenity statutes by Attorney General - see Ohio R.C. 109.40
   Assistance of State Criminal Bureau - see Ohio R.C. 109.51 et seq.
   Forwarding fingerprints and other data to State Criminal Bureau - see Ohio R.C. 109.58 et seq.
   Peace Officer training certificate required for permanent employment - see Ohio R.C. 109.77
   Police protection contracts - see Ohio R.C. 505.441, 737.04
   Recovered property and disposition - see Ohio R.C. 737.29 et seq.
   Police and Firemen’s Disability and Pension Fund - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 742
   Police officer may arrest on view - see Ohio R.C. 2935.03, 2935.05, 2935.07