(A)   (1)   The following businesses operating and doing business in the limits of the City of Campbellsville shall adhere to the same requirements as pawn shops and pawnbrokers, namely:
         (a)   Jewelers;
         (b)   Second-hand stores;
         (c)   Scrap metal dealers; and
         (d)   Businesses engaged in buying and selling copper and other scrap metals.
      (2)   However, it is specifically noted that the following items of property are excluded from application of this section:
         (a)   Clothing;
         (b)   Home furnishings; and
         (c)   Kitchen appliances.
   (B)   This section does not apply to first-hand items of property sold by any of the businesses subject hereto. For example, a jewelry store which sells first-hand and second-hand property is only required to adhere to the requirements of this section for those items of property which are second-hand.
(Ord. 10-17, passed 12-29-2010)