General Regulations
   112.001   Title and purpose
   112.002   Definitions
   112.003   Application
License Requirements
   112.015   City licenses
   112.016   Certain special licenses defined
   112.017   Refund of fees
   112.018   Regulatory license fee
   112.019   Disposition of fees and any other type of payment
City Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator
   112.030   Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator
   112.031   Appeals
Application and Maintenance of License
   112.045   Advertisement
   112.046   Application fee
   112.047   Form of application
   112.048   Other conditions
   112.049   Form of license
   112.050   Change of information
   112.051   Renewal of license
   112.052   Lost or destroyed license
   112.053   Revocation or suspension
   112.054   Proceedings for revocation or suspension of license
   112.055   Transfer or assignment
   112.056   Refusal of license; guidelines for approval of quota licenses
   112.057   Review of license; books, records and reports
   112.058   Dormancy
Hours for Sale and Delivery
   112.070   Hours for sale and delivery
Conditions, Prohibitions and Restrictions
   112.085   Gambling
   112.086   Radio receiving apparatus
   112.087   Security
   112.088   Prizes and premiums prohibited
   112.089   Treating prohibited
   112.090   Drunkenness
   112.091   Underage sales
   112.092   Sign requirements-notice to persons under the age of 21
   112.093   License to be displayed
   112.094   Legal transactions for wholesalers, distributors and retail
   112.095   Employment restrictions
   112.096   Lavatory facilities required
   112.097   Nudity and adult entertainment activities prohibited
   112.098   Cause for revocation
   112.110   Alcohol restrictions
Consumption on Premises Prohibited
   112.125   Consumption at package store prohibited
   112.126   Habitual congregating
Malt Beverage Keg Registration
   112.140   Definitions
   112.141   Malt beverage keg identification tag
   112.142   Keg registration
   112.143   Unlawful sales
Mandatory Responsible Beverage Service Training
   112.155   Mandatory responsible beverage service training
Signs and Advertising
   112.170   Regulations
Patio and Outdoor Sales
   112.185   Patio and outdoor sales regulations
   112.186   Exception(s) to screening requirements for outdoor sales and service of alcoholic beverages, specifically, permitted sidewalk cafes in the city's downtown business area
   112.998   Enforcement
   112.999   Penalty