As used in this chapter, the person granted a permit will adhere to:
   (A)   The person obtaining a granted permit by the City of Cambridge shall maintain public liability and property damage insurance that protects the person granted the permit and the City; naming the City as an additional insured. As well as the City's officers and agents and employees. The insurance shall provide coverage at all times of not less than one million dollars for personal injury to each person and one million dollars for each occurrence involving property damage plus costs of defense. The policy shall provide that the insurance shall not be canceled or materially altered without 30 days written notice first being given to the City Safety Director and City Attorney. If the insurance is canceled or materially altered within the terms of this agreement, the person granted this permit shall provide a new policy with the same terms. The person granted the permit also will agree to maintain continuous uninterrupted coverage in the amounts required for the duration of the permit held with the City.
   (B)   The person granted a permit shall maintain on file with the City Auditor a certificate of such insurance as enumerated in section (A) above. Failure to maintain insurance coverage or to provide proof of insurance shall constitute a violation of this chapter and grounds for revocation of a permit.
   (C)   A performance bond of $25,000.00 in conformity with this chapter. The applicant, facility operator, or both shall provide the Safety Director or his designee, upon request with proof that the bond is in force. Failure to maintain such performance bond in force or to provide proof of bonding shall constitute a violation of this chapter and grounds for revocation of a permit.
   (D)   In the case of a leased site, a lease agreement which shows on its face that it does not preclude the site owner from entering into leases of the site with other providers.
   (E)   A copy of the person and/or company who will be the applicant applying for the permit license issued by the FCC.
   (F)   A copy of the findings from the FAA's Aeronautical Study Determination regarding the proposed wireless communication support structure siting.
(Ord. 65-97, passed 8-26-97)