(A)   The person applying to the City must demonstrate that is licensed by the FCC. The owner of the tower must also annually provide at the January 1 Registration process each year, a list of all users with addresses, names and phone numbers of responsible management personnel of the tower. Each user shall provide the City with a copy of each user license with the FCC. No approval will be granted to any application unless proof of current FCC license for proposed use of the tower is provided.
   (B)   Adequate parking shall be required for users of the tower such as maintenance personnel. If the site is not fully automated, the number of required parking spaces shall equal the number of employees working on the largest shift.
   (C)   The appearance of the cellular or wireless communications towers under 200 feet in height shall be painted silver or have a galvanized finish retained in order to reduce visual impact. Cellular or wireless communication tower shall meet all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. No cellular or wireless communication tower may be artificially lighted except when required by the FAA. No signage is allowable on cellular or wireless communication tower or antenna or accessory buildings and structures. All utility lines serving the towers shall be underground.
   (D)   The owners of property used as a cellular or wireless communications site shall maintain such property and all structures in good condition and free of trash, outdoor storage, weeds and other debris. Any owner of a cellular or wireless communication tower shall be required to notify the Mayor and City Safety Director and City Engineer of its intent in writing within 30 days of its cessation of business, its discontinuance of service, or any transfer merger or acquisition of ownership.
(Ord. 65-97, passed 8-26-97)