Any person wishing to place a cellular or wireless communications antenna or tower within the City, must attend an application conference with the Mayor, Safety Director, City Engineer, or their assignees. At this conference, the applicant must submit:
   (A)   Plot plan which shows all structures and identifies land usage within 500 feet of the security fence around the telecommunication tower.
   (B)   A written report (2 copies) including a description of the tower proposed with technical reasons supports its design in relation to its proposed site.
   (C)   Documentation establishing the structural integrity for the tower's proposed use.
   (D)   General capacity of the proposed tower designed and the information necessary to assure that American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards are met.
   (E)   A state of intent on whether excess space will be leased to other telecommunication providers with notification of each lease to the City Engineer.
   (F)   Proof of ownership of the proposed site or authorization to utilize it.
   (G)   Application fee of $250 plus actual costs incurred by the City for conducting any City Council special sessions. The $250 shall be submitted in full at the time of applications, and in cases of applications for antennas, towers, or sites, an additional $250 refundable deposit shall be made for the anticipated costs of conducting City Council special sessions.
   (H)   Copies of any easements necessary.
   (I)   The ground network, if any, served by the tower.
   (J)   Copies of all certified mail announcements to other tower users must be attached to the application.
   (K)   Type, size and location of any easement for buildings to be used by the tower for which the application is being submitted.
   (L)   All structures shall be designed to meet or exceed the standards established by the Ohio Basic Building Code and the Ohio Board of Building Standards.
   (M)   Plans must be sealed by a professional engineer registered in the State of Ohio.
   (N)   A copy of the certificate of plan approval issued by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Industrial Compliance.
(Ord. 65-97, passed 8-26-97)