(A)   A certificate of approval is required from the Architectural Review and Design Commission prior to any new construction, remodeling, reconstruction or demolition.  Also for any exterior changes to the building that may devalue it as an asset to the historical community of downtown Cambridge.
   (B)   Nothing in this subchapter shall be construed to prevent the ordinary maintenance or repair of any property within the Downtown Historical District.
   (C)   Applications for certificate of approval shall be filed with the Architectural Review and Design Commission at least 15 days before a meeting.  The applicant shall submit with the application, drawings, materials and color samples and any other aides that would assist the Commission in understanding the wishes of the applicant.
   (D)   The Commission shall review and within 15 days, grant a certificate, disapprove an application, or approve an application with modification.
   (E)   Upon disapproval of an application, the applicant may appeal to City Council, within ten days.
   (F)   Application may be obtained at the City Engineer's Office.
(Ord. 58-96, passed 7-22-96)