(A)   All temporary signs shall be subject to approval by the Architectural, Review and Design Commission and shall be issued permits subject to the restrictions set forth in the schedule of sign regulations of this subchapter and the regulations required for permanent signs as set forth in § 161.20, except as otherwise provided herein.
   (B)   Banners, and pennants less than 16 square feet are permitted provided that they are attached at each corner, point and/or end so as to prevent movements.  Streamers are prohibited except for as described in § 161.17.
   (C)   Mobile signs which can be moved from one location to another without any change in their structural components or members, including trailer signs, are prohibited.
   (D)   All temporary signs shall be located at the site or location of the event being promoted or of the headquarters for the sponsoring organization except as otherwise provided for in division (H) of this section.
   (E)   The date upon which temporary sign is first displayed shall be legibly marked on the sign.
   (F)   The construction requirement set forth in § 161.20(B)(1) shall not be applicable to temporary signs.
   (G)   Sandwich board signs are exempt from the regulations of this section, except that sandwich board signs shall not have more than 16 square feet of sign face, shall not have lights or illumination, must leave a minimum clearance of five feet from building line on the sidewalk on which they are placed, and shall be of color and design appropriate to the surroundings.
   (H)   Community events and programs which last for a time period of 14 days or less and which are sponsored by nonprofit, public, educational, religious and charitable organizations may display four signs during the event and for a time period of 14 days immediately preceding the commencement of the event.  One sign may be located at the site of the event provided it does not exceed 24 square feet in size.  All off-site signs located in the Downtown Historical District, including streamers, shall not exceed 18 square feet in size.  Each sign shall be placed at a different site and shall be removed no later than 48 hours after the scheduled activity.  If the program or event is for a continuing period of time in excess of 14 days, only one sign, not larger than ten square feet, is permitted and such sign must be located either at the site of the event or program or at the location of the sponsoring organization.
   (I)   Signs greater than four square feet in size which promote special business sales, promotions or occasions shall require a temporary sign permit.  No business shall display such signs for more than 90 days per calendar year or for more than 30 continuous days.  The date each sign is first displayed and the time period for which the sign will be displayed shall be legibly marked on the sign.
   (J)   Political campaign headquarters signs shall require a temporary sign permit.
   (K)   No streamers, banners or signs are permitted on or around public landmarks.
(Ord. 22-94, passed 3-14-94; Am. Ord. 45-96, passed 6-10-96)  Penalty, see § 161.99