The following signs may be erected without a permit:
   (A)   Signs clearly in the nature of decorations customarily associated with any national, local or religious holiday, to be limited to 60 days in any one year and to be displayed not more than 60 consecutive days.  The signs may be of any illumination or animation provided that safety and visibility hazards are not created.
   (B)   Political signs or posters concerning candidates for elective office, public issues and similar matters to be decided by public election, to be displayed beginning no more than 45 days prior to election and to be removed no later than seven days after such election, subject to penalty.  The signs shall not exceed six square feet in area, shall not be illuminated, and shall not create a safety or visibility hazard, nor be affixed to any public utility pole or tree or be located within a public right-of-way.
   (C)   Signs that indicate the sale, development, rental or lease of a particular structure or land area, to be limited in size to six square feet, with one sign allowed per street front.  Such signs shall not be located in a public right-of-way.
   (D)   Exterior signs that are limited in size to 25% of the window area, or ten square feet, whichever is less and which are either not illuminated or are illuminated only from a concealed light source.  Such signs may be placed only in ground level windows where no other permanent or temporary signs are placed and be displayed for a maximum period of 30 days if they indicate or promote special sales or special occasions.
   (E)   Nameplates, provided that the nameplate does not exceed 1½ square feet, and is flush to building, and material must be appropriate to face of building.
   (F)   A sign which advertises the sale of personal property such as a garage, yard, porch or moving sale sign provided that it is limited to one sign, not greater than four square feet in size and which sign is located on the sale premises for a time period not greater than two consecutive days.  Such signs shall not be located in a public right-of-way.
   (G)   Construction signs which display the identification of the construction project, including identification of the contractors, architects and other construction principals provided that such construction sign conforms to the size requirements of the zoning district in which it is located and is removed upon the completion of construction or the commencement of occupancy, whichever event occurs first.
   (H)   The responsible party in each of the above instances shall be as follows:
      (1)   In all cases, the person actually placing the sign.
      (2)   In the case of political signs, the candidate whose name appears on the sign.
      (3)   In the case of porch, yard, or garage sale signs, the owner of the property if he resides therein and has an interest in the sale, otherwise the lessee or other occupant of the property who is conducting the sale.
      (4)   In the case of circus and other special event signs, the sponsoring organization shall be the responsible party.
(Ord. 22-94, passed 3-14-94) Penalty, see § 161.99