133.01   Definitions
   133.02   Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor
   133.03   Sexual imposition
   133.04   Public indecency
   133.05   Voyeurism
   133.06   Polygraph examinations for victims: restrictions on use
   133.07   Procuring
   133.08   Soliciting; loitering to engage in
   133.09   Prostitution
   133.10   Disseminating matter harmful to juveniles
   133.11   [Reserved]
   133.12   Deception to obtain matter harmful to juveniles
   133.13   Presumption of knowledge; actual notice and defense
   133.14   [Reserved]
   133.15   Displaying matter harmful to juveniles
   133.16   Unlawful operation of viewing booths depicting sexual conduct
   133.17   Juveniles on the premises of adult entertainment establishments prohibited
   133.18   Sexually oriented businesses; illegal operation and activity
   133.19   Unlawful advertising of massage
   133.20   Nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images
   133.99   Sentencing for sexually oriented offenses; sexual predators; registration
Statutory reference:
   Assistance to victims of sexual assault, see R.C. §§ 2907.28 - 2907.30
   Child victim, disposition of, see R.C. § 2945.481
   Examination of the accused for venereal disease and AIDS, see R.C. § 2907.27
   Suppression of information at trial, see R.C.  § 2907.11