There is hereby established a City Tree Commission (CTC) for the city, which shall consist of five members. They shall be residents of the Cambridge area, or individuals owning and/or operating a business located within the city. All five shall be appointed by the Mayor, with the endorsement of Council. At least one member must be a member of the Cambridge Area Beautification Council (CABC) and/or recommended by the CABC. The CABC will be available to the CTC for consultation, at their regular meetings. The Mayor, or his or her representative, shall be an ad hoc member of the CTC. This newly appointed CTC will supersede the previous Municipal Forest Commission, and shall have full responsibility and accountability for all contract landscape or tree work falling within the scope of the CTC, as may be authorized by the Mayor or Council.
(Ord. 72-96, passed 9-23-96; Am. Ord. 10-10, passed 2-8-10)