(A)   Fill shall be dry earth to a depth not to exceed one foot over the installed piping, tile, and the like.  Such earth shall be compacted by an air compressor operated backfill tamper to such a degree that no voids shall remain in the fill.
   (B)   Stone dust or an approved equal, moistened to the point of best compaction, shall be installed in volume not to exceed six inches of trench elevation at any time and compacted as above, before the next six-inch layer is applied. 
(Ord. 15-63, passed 5-6-63)
   (C)   When the depth of the trench is greater than four feet, on either side of the trench, a removal of not less than eight inches in depth and a distance of not less than 12 inches from each edge of the trench shall be removed in a workmanlike manner. Materials so removed may be used, mixed with stone dust or an approved equal to fill such trench to a point ten inches below the finished surface or grade.
   (D)   Upon completion of compaction of material into the trench as outlined above, the following minimum criteria shall be followed in the balance of the existing excavation to finish surface or grade:
      (1)   On concrete surfaced streets, concrete shall be placed to finished grade with a minimum thickness of eight inches;
      (2)   On asphalt surfaced streets, a six-inch layer of concrete shall be placed followed by a two-inch layer of asphalt compacted to finished grade.
(`63 Code, § 991.04)  (Ord. 40-76, passed 5-17-76)  Penalty, see § 97.99