For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BOARD. The Fair Housing Board created by this chapter.
   DISCRIMINATION, DISCRIMINATING, or DISCRIMINATE. To render any difference in treatment to any person in the sale, lease, rental, or financing of a dwelling or housing unit because of a person's race, color, creed, sex, familial status, religious belief, national origin, or handicap.
   HOUSING. Any building, facility, or structure or portion thereof which is used or occupied or is intended, arranged or designated to be used or occupied as the home, residence or sleeping place of one or more persons, groups, or families and any vacant land offered for sale or lease for the construction or location thereof of such building, facility, or structure.
   LENDING INSTITUTION. Any bank, building and loan association, savings and loan association, insurance company, or other persons whose business consists in whole or in part in the lending of money or guaranteeing loans.
   PERSON. One or more individuals, corporations, partnerships, associations, firms or enterprises, labor organizations, legal representatives, mutual companies, joint stock companies, trusts, unincorporated organizations, trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, receivers, and fiduciaries.
   REAL ESTATE AGENT. Any real estate broker, real estate salesman, or an agent thereof, or any other person, partnership, association, or corporation who for consideration sells, purchases, exchanges, rents, negotiates, offers or attempts to negotiate the sale, purchase, exchange or rental of real property or holds himself out as engaged in the business of selling, purchasing, exchanging, renting, or otherwise transferring any interest in real property.
(`63 Code, § 515.01) (Ord. 60-78, passed 10-16-78; Am. Ord. 47-93, passed 8-9-93)