General Provisions
   71.01   Display of license plates or validation stickers; registration
   71.02   Driver's license or commercial driver’s license required
   71.10   Prohibited acts
   71.11   Permitting minor to operate vehicle prohibited; temporary instruction permit; probationary license
   71.12   Employment of unlicensed chauffeur prohibited (Repealed)
   71.13   Employment of a minor to operate a taxicab prohibited
   71.14   Restriction against owner lending vehicle for use of another
   71.15   Suspension of driver’s licenses; license suspended by court of record
   71.16   Display of license
   71.17   Prohibition against false statements
   71.18   Driving with temporary instruction permit without licensed driver
   71.19   [Reserved]
   71.20   Operation or sale without certificate of title
   71.21   License plates to be unobstructed
   71.22   Driving under suspension or in violation of license restriction
   71.23   Operating motor vehicle or motorcycle without valid license
   71.24   Driving under OVI suspension
   71.25   Driving under financial responsibility law suspension or cancellation; driving under a nonpayment of judgment suspension
   71.26   Failure to reinstate license
   71.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
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