All licensees doing business in the village shall keep a standard record book that has been approved by the Chief of Police. At the time of each and every article being purchased or received on consignment, an accurate account and description of such article including the brand name, if any; the amount of money paid therefor; the time and date of the transaction; and the name and residence address of the person selling or placing such article on consignment, shall be entered into the record book. Any article purchased or received on consignment shall be clearly digitally photographed in color so as to be able to clearly identify such article, including any serial numbers or other identifying marks. All photographs taken shall be maintained and preserved as herein provided. All such entries shall be printed, typed or written in ink in the record book at the time of the transaction in the English language. Record book entries shall also include the serial number or other identification number of the article received. This requirement does not apply to any articles purchased from dealers possessing a federal employer identification number who have provided a receipt to the licensee. No entry made in the record book shall be erased, mutilated, altered or in any way changed.
(Ord. 11-1029, passed 2-10-2011)  Penalty, see § 121.99