§ 2.1 GENERAL.
   2.1.1   Administrative bodies. The following elected and appointed bodies and town staff members shall have powers and responsibilities in administering this ordinance and for reviewing and making decisions on applications for development approval, appeals, and amendments to the ordinance:
      (A)   Town Council;
      (B)   Planning Board;
      (C)   Board of Adjustment;
      (D)   Ordinance Administrator; and
      (E)   Floodplain Administrator.
   2.1.2   Organization. With the exception of the Town Council, each of the Boards provided for by this ordinance must adopt rules and maintain records in conformance with the following.
      (A)   Rules of conduct. A Board must adopt rules necessary to conduct its affairs and to establish Board organization, procedures, and the conduct of its meetings.
      (B)   Conformance of rules. The rules adopted by a Board must be in accordance with state law and the provisions of this ordinance.
      (C)   Election and terms of officers. Each Board shall elect a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson from its membership. These officers shall serve for a term of one year, or until the expiration of the term of their appointment to the Board on which they serve.
      (D)   Swearing in of new members. All members appointed to boards shall, before entering their duties, qualify by taking an oath of office as required by G.S. § 160A-61.
      (E)   Record of meetings. Each Board must keep accurate minutes of its proceedings and the actions taken in its meetings. When holding a quasi-judicial hearing, the Board of Adjustment shall keep a full transcript of the meeting and maintain a record of all evidence presented in the course of the hearing.
      (F)   Temporary disqualification from voting. See provisions for the Town Council (§ 2.2.3), Planning Board (§ 2.3.6), Board of Adjustment (§ 2.4.5), and town staff (§§ 2.5.3 and 2.6.3).
(Ord. A.21.01, passed 6-3-2021)