2.5.1   Appointment. The Town Council shall appoint an Ordinance Administrator who shall be charged with administering and enforcing the provisions of this ordinance. The Ordinance Administrator may delegate any authority or duties prescribed to him or her in order to ensure the efficient administration of the ordinance.
   2.5.2   Powers and duties. In the application and enforcement of this ordinance, the Ordinance Administrator has the following powers and duties.
      (A)   Review and recommendation. The Ordinance Administrator has review and recommendation responsibility for the following:
         (1)   Land development ordinance text amendments;
         (2)   Zoning map amendments;
         (3)   Conditional Zoning District classifications;
         (4)   Concept plan - Conditional Zoning District classification;
         (5)   Concept plan - special use permit;
         (6)   Major subdivision preliminary plats; and
         (7)   Establishment of vested rights.
      (B)   Final approval. The Ordinance Administrator has final approval authority for the following:
         (1)   Land development permits;
         (2)   Minor subdivision plats;
         (3)   Recombination plats;
         (4)   Site plans;
         (5)   Concept plan - subdivision;
         (6)   Concept plan - site plan;
         (7)   Tree preservation and protection plans;
         (8)   Stormwater management permits;
         (9)   Special intensity allocation; and
         (10)   Major subdivision final plats.
      (C)   Additional duties. The Ordinance Administrator has the following additional duties:
         (1)   Establish application content requirements and a submission schedule for review of applications and appeals;
         (2)   Maintain the Official Zoning Map and related materials;
         (3)   Enforce the regulations contained within this ordinance;
         (4)   Maintain the official copy of the land development ordinance and ensure that it is updated upon the approval of a text amendment; and
         (5)   Maintain a record of all permits and approvals.
   2.5.3   Avoiding conflicts of interest.
      (A)   Pursuant to G.S. § 160D-109, no town staff member shall make a final decision on an administrative decision required by this chapter if the outcome of that decision would have a direct, substantial, and readily identifiable financial impact on the staff member or if the applicant or other person subject to that decision is a person with whom the staff member has a close familial, business, or other associational relationship. If a staff member has a conflict of interest under this section, the decision shall be assigned to the supervisor of the staff person or such other staff person as may be designated by the development regulation or other ordinance.
      (B)   No staff member shall be financially interested or employed by a business that is financially interested in a development subject to regulation under G.S. Ch. 160D unless the staff member is the owner of the land or building involved. No staff member or other individual or an employee of a company contracting with the town to provide staff support shall engage in any work that is inconsistent with his or her duties or with the interest of the town, as determined by the town.
(Ord. A.21.01, passed 6-3-2021)