(a)    "Noxious weeds" means any plant which during its life cycle can be injurious to people or produce pollen or mature seeds which disperse by currents of air and may produce discomfort to those who suffer allergic reactions to such pollen or may spread to neighboring lots or properties and establish itself, or any other poisonous plant such as ragweed, poison ivy, briars, etc. (Ord. 31-83. Passed 8-16-83.)
   (b)   "Noxious weeds" includes any ground vegetation cover, other than formal crops or vegetables, floral or other domestic plants in season, which exceed a height of nine inches, or more, above the surrounding ground surface.
(Ord. 92-92. Passed 11-3-92.)
   (c)   "Service-Safety Director" means the actual person occupying the position of Service-Safety Director of the City or his authorized representative.
(Ord. 31-83. Passed 8-16-83.)