Health, Safety and Sanitation
521.01   Barricades and warning lights; abandoned excavations.
521.02   Sidewalk obstructions; damage or injury.
521.03   Abating nuisances; sidewalk repair and construction.
521.04   Duty to keep sidewalks in repair and clean.
521.05   Fences.
521.06   Prohibiting tattooing and/or body piercing services performed by temporary mobile units and time limited basis facilities.
521.07   Prohibited burning of garbage, rubbish, leaves, grass and discarded building materials.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Flagpole installation in sidewalk - see Ohio R.C. 723.012
Excavation liability - see Ohio R.C. 723.49 et seq.
Removal of noxious weeds or litter - see Ohio R.C. 731.51 et seq.
Nuisances - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3767