(a)   If any subscriber of the grantee of less than one year terminates service because of the grantee's failure to render service to such subscriber of a type and quality provided for herein or if service to a subscriber of less than one year is terminated without good cause, or if the grantee ceases to operate the broadband telecommunications network authorized herein for any reason except termination or expiration of a franchise granted hereunder, the grantee shall refund to such subscriber of less than one year an amount equal to the installation and connection charge paid by him in accordance with the schedule of charges contained in the grantee's application for a franchise hereunder, which schedule is incorporated herein by reference.  In no event shall the grantee be required to refund the monthly charge except as he may express a willingness to do so.
   (b)   The grantee of a franchise awarded hereunder, in the event a valid subscriber shall transfer his residence, shall reconnect such subscriber at no charge providing that the new residence is within the service area of the grantee except as may be permitted under Section 711.11(e).
   (c)   The grantee of a franchise awarded hereunder, in the event a nonsubscriber transfers his residence into a vacated premises previously connected or pre-wired to the network, may charge such nonsubscriber all applicable fees as set forth in Section 711.11 if such nonsubscriber requests connection to the network.
(Ord. 29-1972.  Passed 3-5-73.)