(a)   The City reserves the right upon reasonable notice to require the grantee at his expense to protect, support, temporarily disconnect, relocate or remove from the City's streets any property of the grantee by reason of traffic conditions, public safety, street construction or vacation, change or establishment of street grade, installation of sewers, drains, water pipes, power or communications lines, tracks or other types of structure or improvements by governmental agencies or any other structures of public improvement.  Reasonable notice for this provision of this section shall be construed to mean at least thirty days except in the case of emergencies where no specific notice period shall be required.
   (b)   In the event of the failure of the grantee to complete any work required by subsection (a) hereof or any other work required by City law or ordinance within the time established and to the satisfaction of the City, the City may cause such work to be done and the grantee shall reimburse the City the cost thereof within thirty days after receipt of an itemized list of such cost.
   (c)   The City reserves the right, in the event of an emergency or disaster, to require the grantee to make available to the Mayor or his appointee, at his request, the grantee's facilities at no cost, for emergency use during such emergency or disaster period.
   (d)   The City reserves the right during the life of any franchise granted hereunder to have access at all reasonable hours to the grantee's plans, contracts and engineering, accounting, financial, statistical, customer and service records relating to the property and the operations of the grantee and to all other records required to be kept hereunder.
   (e)   The City reserves the right during the life of any franchise granted hereunder, to install and maintain free of charge upon the poles and conduits of or used by the grantee any wire and pole fixtures necessary for Municipal networks such as police and fire, on the condition that such installations and maintenance thereof do not interfere with the operations of the grantee.
   (f)   The City reserves the right during the life of any franchise granted hereunder, to inspect and supervise all construction or installation work performed subject to the provisions of this chapter to insure compliance with the terms of the chapter.
   (g)   Nothing in this chapter shall in any way or to any extent be construed to waive, modify or abridge the City's right of eminent domain in respect to the grantee.
   (h)   Any right or power in, or duty impressed upon any officer, employee, department or board of the City shall be subject to transfer by Council or by law to any other officer, employee, department or board of the City.
   (i)   The City reserves all rights not specifically granted herein.
   (Ord. 29-1972.  Passed 3-5-73.)