Electronic moving message/digital display signs, as defined in Section 1270.15(b) (12), shall be conditionally permitted only in the C-H Highway Interchange Commercial District, C-G General Commercial District, and the GWC Gateway Commercial District in accordance, with the following regulations and other applicable regulations of this chapter.
   (a)    Electronic moving message/digital display signs, as defined in Section 1270.15(b)(12), shall comply with the following:
      (1)    Frequency. Copy (lettering) change shall not be more frequent than once per 15 seconds. There shall be a three (3)-second "pause" in which a still image or blank screen is shown following every message.
      (2)    Prohibited signs.
         A    Flashing sign a directly or indirectly illuminated sign, or portion thereof, that exhibits changing light or color effect by any means, so as to provide intermittent illumination that changes light intensity in sudden transitory bursts and creates the illusion of intermittent flashing light by streaming, graphic bursts showing movement, or any mode of lighting which resembles zooming, twinkling, or sparkling;
         B.    Spinning;
         C.    Rotating; and
         D.    Video- imagery produced by signs that have the capability of processing up to 30 frames per second.
      (3)    Color. Copy (lettering) shall be limited to two colors on an electronic moving message/digital display sign with a uniform and non-changing contrasting background. Colors shall remain uniform and shall not alternate within any word or message.
      (4)    Illumination. An applicant shall provide a photometric plan outlining proposed illumination levels (in footcandles). Illumination levels shall not exceed one footcandle, as measured from adjacent rights-of- way and residential uses and districts.
      (5)    Spacing. There shall be a minimum distance of 70 feet between electronic moving message/digital display signs.
      (6)    Number of signs. One electronic moving message/digital display sign shall be permitted per unified site.
      (7)    Maintenance. At no time shall the total face illumination area fall below 98%.
   (b)    Electronic moving message/digital display signs shall be limited to ground signs only, subject to number, size, and setback requirements in Section 1270.05- Table B. The total height shall be a maximum of seven (7) feet above finished grade at the sign location, including berming, contouring, or mounding. The sign face shall have a maximum 5-ft. height and a maximum 2-ft. exposed base. The changeable copy portion shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the total area of the sign.
   (c)    All electronic moving message/digital display signs, and parts thereof, shall be securely constructed in conformance with applicable City Building, Fire and Electrical Codes, and the applicable standards of this chapter. All signs shall have a surface of facing materials which are durable for the intended life of the sign. All signs shall be attached in compliance with applicable local and state codes.
      (Ord. 20-13.  Passed 4-22-13.)