In addition to the general definitions in Chapter 1242, the following definitions apply specifically to this Chapter 1270:
   (a)    Sign. "Sign" means any display figure, painting, drawing, banner, flag, placard, pennant, poster or other device intended to be read from a dedicated right of way, which is designed, intended or used to convey a message, advertise, inform or direct attention to a person, institution, organization, activity, place, object or product. A sign may be a message painted or placed on, or attached directly or indirectly to, a structure, natural object or vehicle. For the purposes of construction and zoning  regulations, including abandonment and removal of signs, "signs" includes "sign structure." "Sign" does not include the following: nameplates, house/address numbers, flags of a non-commercial symbolic meaning, public regulatory and safety devices authorized by the City or other regulatory agency, holiday decorations and postings evidencing property boundaries.
   (b)    Classification by Structural Type.  (See Diagram attached hereto).
      (1)    "Changeable copy sign" means a sign utilizing letters or pictorial panels which are readily changeable, which are not bolted or otherwise fastened to the sign panel and which can be changed without the use of tools.
      (2)    "Free-standing sign" means a sign which is not attached to a building, fence or similar structure.
      (3)    "Ground sign" means a free-standing monument sign which has its supporting base designed as an integral part of the sign and which rests totally or primarily on the ground at grade level.
      (4)    "Illuminated sign" means a sign which transmits light, either by means of exposed tubing or lamps on its surface or internal light transmitted through sign faces.
      (5)    "Pole sign" means a sign not attached to a building, fence or similar structure, which is erected on a freestanding mast or pole(s), excluding High Rise Signs as provided in Section 1270.08.
      (6)    "Indirectly illuminated sign" means a sign which reflects light from an external source intentionally directed on it.
      (7)    "Portable sign" means a sign not permanently attached to the ground or a structure.
      (8)    "Projecting sign" means a sign, other than a wall sign, which is attached to and projects from a structure or building face.
      (9)    "Roof sign" means a sign which has its principal support on the roof or walls of a building and which has more than half of its vertical dimension above the roof peak or above an extension of the building facade.
      (10)    "Wall sign" means a sign painted on or attached to the exterior face of an exterior wall of a building, parallel with the wall and projecting not more than twelve inches therefrom.
      (11)    "Mural" means a graphic (artistic) expression applied directly to a building or structure, as defined in Section 1242.02(13), which is not intended for advertisement purposes.
      (12)    "Electronic moving message/digital display sign" means a sign, or portion thereof, that displays electronic text information; still images, graphics, or pictures, with or without information; defined by a small number of matrix elements using different combinations of light emitting diodes (LED's), fiber optics, light bulbs, or other illumination devices within the display area where the message change sequence is accomplished immediately or by means of face, repixalization, or dissolve modes. Electronic graphic display signs include computer programmable, microprocessor controlled electronic or digital displays.
      (13)    "Monument sign" means a sign whose vertical dimension is greater than its width, and whose lowest horizontal component that extends across the entire width of the sign is two feet or 1/4 of the width from the ground, or has a supporting base/columns resting totally or primarily at grade level. Monument signs shall be solely permitted on Unified Sites in accordance with the requirements of Table B.
   (c)    Other Definitions.
      (1)    "Abandoned sign" means a sign which no longer correctly identifies any person or advertises a bona fide business or activity conducted or product available on the premises where such sign is displayed.
      (2)    "Logo" means the distinctive, commonly recognized company signature, trademark or identifying symbol as used in company advertising, letterheads or other signage.
      (3)    "Nonconforming sign" means an advertising structure or sign which was lawfully erected and maintained prior to the enactment of this chapter and any amendments thereto, and which fails to conform to all applicable regulations and restrictions of this chapter.
      (4)    "Sign structure" means a structure which supports, has supported or is capable of supporting, a sign.
      (5)    "Unified Site" means a property or properties that are serviced by integrated and common parking areas, access drives and related design features, which may include commercial and/or industrial land uses.
      (6)    "Nameplate" means a sign indicating the name, address or profession of a person occupying a lot or a part of a building.
      (7)   “Instructional sign" means signs that are clearly intended for instruction purposes.
         (Ord. 20-13.  Passed 4-22-13.)