1270.16  MURALS.
   Murals, as defined in Section 1270.15(b)(11 ), shall be a conditionally permitted use in the commercial districts in accordance with the following regulations and other applicable regulations of this chapter.
   (a)    The owner of record of the building or structure on which the proposed mural is to be placed shall, in writing, consent to the placement of said mural on the property and shall agree to restore the wall, facade or surface upon which the mural is placed to its prior existing condition if and at such time the mural is not maintained by the applicant.
      (1)   The permit application shall include a statement detailing the applicant's plans for the maintenance, repair or removal of the mural.
      (2)    Upon removal of the mural, the entire wall face shall be painted by the owner(s) or person in possession of the wall with quality exterior paint guaranteed by the manufacturer to last a period of ten years or more.
   (b)    Neither the mural, nor placement of the mural, shall constitute a significant traffic safety hazard; endanger public health or safety; or be injurious to the use and enjoyment of other property in the immediate vicinity of the proposed location.
   (c)    Murals shall be non-verbal, shall not include trademarks, excluding the nameplate of the artist.
      (Ord. 20-13.  Passed 4-22-13.)