Each property/Unified Site located in C-H District or a conditionally permitted use under Section 1266.04(d) in the 1-L District within 900 feet of the centerline of Interstate 71 may have one High Rise Sign located in a commercial or industrial district and designed to be. seen from 1-71. Such High Rise Sign shall be an accessory use to a principally permitted or conditionally permitted use and shall be located within 900 feet of the 1-71 centerline and shall be located within 50 feet of the principal parking area for the property/Unified Site. Such High Rise Signs shall have a maximum area of 120 square feet. The top elevation of such High Rise Signs shall be less than 1220.5 feet USGS datum, which is equal to 55 feet above the pavement elevation of 1-71 at the S.R. 303 overpass.  (Ord. 20-13.  Passed 4-22-13.)