Notice shall be given by a police officer, or an enforcement officer of the Fire Prevention Bureau, to any person whom a notice should be directed as provided in this chapter in the event of any of the following non-moving violations. A notice shall be given for any other offense embraced in any class described in this section, or which may be omitted therefrom, or which is prohibited by this chapter.
   (A)   Class A violations.
      (1)   Parking or stopping any motor vehicle during any snow emergency on a snow emergency route.
      (2)   Abandoning any vehicle as defined by statute or ordinance.
      (3)   Interference with Fire Department operation at an emergency scene.
      (4)   Unlawful crossing of fire lines or limits.
      (5)   Injuring fire hose.
      (6)   Failure to maintain visible and legible premises identification.
      (7)   Stopping, standing or parking in proximity to fire hydrant or fire protection systems with a Fire Department connection.
      (8)   Failure to observe fire lanes.
      (9)   Failure to pay service charge(s) assessed under § 92.43, addressing faulty alarms.
      (10)    Violation of § 92.004, addressing Indiana Fire Prevention Code and Uniform Fire Code Standards prescribing regulations governing conditions hazardous to life and property from fire or explosion and providing for the issuance of permits for hazardous uses or operations.
   (B)   Class B violations.
      (1)   Unnecessary sounding of motor vehicle or motorcycle horn or signaling device on any street or public place.
      (2)   Discharge of exhaust of motor vehicle or motorcycle except through muffler.
      (3)   Use or operation of motor vehicle or motorcycle so out of repair or so loaded as to create loud and unnecessary noises.
      (4)   Violating regulations pertaining to quiet zones.
      (5)   Violations of this chapter or other ordinances pertaining to the use or operation of motor vehicles emitting flames, gases, noxious odors, unreasonable quantities of smoke, obnoxious gases or vapor.
      (6)   Violation of no-smoking regulations.
      (7)   Violations of Arbuckle Acres Park hours of operation.
   (C)   Class C violations.
      (1)   Parking or permitting a vehicle to be parked upon a certain street, alley, public way, park or other public property, or on any part thereof, where parking is prohibited, either at all times, at certain times or temporarily.
      (2)   Parking or permitting a vehicle to be parked upon a street, alley or public way in excess of the period of time in which vehicles may be parked upon that location.
      (3)   Parking or permitting any vehicle to be parked or to stand in any manner prohibited by this chapter or other ordinances.
      (4)   Blocking or obstructing traffic, either willfully or when able to avoid same by ordinary care.
      (5)   Parking a trailer without it being attached to a vehicle having motive power.
      (6)   Violations of this chapter or other ordinances by pedestrians.
      (7)   Parking or permitting a vehicle to be parked on the left side of any street, except those streets that may be designed as one-way (1-way) streets, and then only when the vehicle is headed in the same direction as traffic normally flows.
      (8)   Violations of any ordinance providing reserved parking for the physically handicapped.
      (9)   Opening fire hydrant.
(`92 Code, § 2-20) (Ord. 88-39, passed 12-8-88; Am. Ord. 92-25, passed 8-27-92; Am. Ord. 96-48, passed 10-24-96)