(A)   There is established a sub-account of the fire protection fund created under § 32.24 to be designated as the Gift Account. This fund is established for the purpose of accepting donations for the Fire Department.
   (B)   The Gift Account shall be maintained by the Clerk-Treasurer and all monetary gifts to the Fire Department shall be placed in the Gift Account.
   (C) The uses to be made of the monies placed in the Gift Account shall be at the discretion of the executive board of the Fire Protection Territory, which may consider the intent of the donor of any gifts.
   (D)   No transfers or disbursements shall be made from the Gift Account until they are approved by the executive board of the Fire Protection Territory.
   (E)   The Town may accept gifts for the Gift Account from any person or business, except for any person, business organization or corporation who or which in any capacity shall have in the preceding 12 months bid or attempted to sell any commodity or service to the Fire Protection Territory or any of its participating units. This division does not apply to not-for-profit organizations or service groups.
(Ord. 2003-08, passed 4-24-03)
   For other funds, see §§ 34.001 et seq.