(A)   The Town Council, together with the trustees of Brown and Lincoln Townships, join together under the provisions of I.C. 36-8-19 for the purpose of entering into an agreement to establish a Fire Protection Territory.
   (B)   The area constituting the Fire Protection Territory shall include the entire areas of the Town of Brownsburg, and all of the entire areas of Brown and Lincoln Townships, inclusive. It is stipulated and agreed that Brown and Lincoln Townships are contiguous to the Town of Brownsburg and to each other. The provider unit, which is the participating unit that is responsible for providing the fire protection services within the Territory, shall be the Town of Brownsburg.
   (C)   Upon adoption of this subchapter, the participating units agree to impose a uniform tax rate upon all of the taxable property within the territory for fire protection services.
   (D)   The agreement to establish the Fire Protection Territory shall include creation of a Fire ProtectionFund by the Town from which all expenses of operating and maintaining the fire protection serviceswithin the territory, including repairs, fees, salaries, depreciation on all depreciable assets, rents, supplies, contingencies, and all other expenses lawfully incurred within the territory shall be paid. The funds and money in the fund may not be used for any other expense or purpose, including payment of debt service or lease rentals on obligations issued or entered into to finance buildings or equipment.
   (E)   The budget for the fund shall be approved by the Town Council following review and recommendation by the Fire Commission and the Brown and Lincoln Township Trustees, and shall be set in an amount sufficient to meet the expenses of operation and maintenance of the fire protection services within the Territory. After adoption of the fire protection budget, the participating units shall establish the tax levy required to fund the budget, as estimated by the provider unit.
   (F)   The agreement shall also authorize the participating units to do any and all other acts provided for under the provisions of I.C. 36-8-19.
   (G)   The Interlocal Cooperation Agreement is on file with the Town Clerk.
(`92 Code, § 2-69) (Ord. 94-14, passed , 3-24-94; Am. Ord. 2001-06, passed 3-22-01)