(A)   Pursuant to I.C. 36-5-4-12, the Clerk-Treasurer is hereby authorized, prior to formal approval and allowance by the Council, to pay the following expenses (pre-approved claims):
      (1)   Property or services purchased or leased from:
         (a)   The United States government; or
         (b)   An agency or political subdivision of the United States government;
      (2)   License fees or permit fees;
      (3)   Insurance premiums;
      (4)   Utility payments or utility connection charges;
      (5)   Federal grant programs if:
         (a)   Advance funding is not prohibited; and
         (b)   The contracting party provides sufficient security for the amount advanced;
      (6)   Grants of state funds authorized by statute;
      (7)   Maintenance agreements or service agreements;
      (8)   Lease agreements or rental agreements;
      (9)   Principal and interest payments on bonds;
      (10)   Payroll;
      (11)   State, federal, or county taxes; and
      (12)   Expenses that must be paid because of emergency circumstances.
   (B)   Payment of any claim, prior to formal approval and allowance by the Council, must be supported by a fully itemized invoice or bill and certification by the Clerk-Treasurer.
   (C)   The Council, at its next regular or special meeting after payment of a pre-approved claim, upon a review and finding that the prepaid claim is supported by a fully itemized invoice, as certified by the Clerk-Treasurer, shall approve it.
   (D)   Except for the pre-approved claims as described in this section, the provisions of I.C. 36-5-4-4 shall strictly apply to all other expenses of the town.
(Ord. 2018-5, passed 9-11-2018)