Section 3.1 The residents of the city having the qualifications of electors in the State of Michigan shall be eligible to vote in the city.
(Ord. 182, § 3, passed 2-13-2012)
Section 3.2 The general election laws shall apply to and control all procedures relating to city elections, including qualification of electors, establishment of precincts, verification of petitions, registration of voters, and voting hours. The clerk shall give public notice of each city election in the same manner as is required by law for the giving of public notice of general elections in the state.
Section 3.3 The city shall consist of one voting precinct unless otherwise required by State law. When a greater number of precincts is required, their boundaries shall be defined by ordinance, it shall be the duty of the clerk to advise the council when it is necessary to increase or decrease the number of precincts in order to conform to State law.
Section 3.4 An election commission is hereby created, consisting of the clerk, assessor, and one other member to be appointed by the city manager. The appointed member shall not be an employee, elected or appointed officer of the City; and shall be appointed in January and shall serve for three years. The clerk shall be chairperson. The commission shall have charge of all activities and duties required of it by statute and this charter relating to the conduct of elections in the city. The compensation of election personnel shall be determined in advance by the city council.
Section 3.5 A regular city election shall be held on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November in each odd-numbered year.
Section 2.6 Special elections shall be held when called by resolution of the council, setting forth the purpose of the election. Special elections shall be scheduled pursuant to state law.
Section 3.7 Every person desiring to become a candidate for any elective office under this charter shall file with the city clerk a petition therefor signed by not less than 25 nor more than 50 qualified electors of the city not later than 4:00* p.m. on the Tuesday following the second Monday in September. At least one week before, and not more than three weeks before, the last day for filing nominating petitions, the clerk shall post notice to that effect. Blank petitions in substantially the same form as required by State law, except for references to party, shall be furnished the clerk. The clerk shall immediately determine the sufficiency of each petition filed, and if he finds any petition does not contain the required number of signatures of qualified electors he shall forthwith notify the candidate, who may file an amended petition not later than seven days after the date and hour for filing the original petition.
No nominating petition shall be accepted for filing by the city clerk unless accompanied by a signed acceptance of the nominee.
Withdrawal of a candidate’s name from consideration on the ballot must be made in writing and in conformance with the time allowed by statute.
Section 3.8 (a) The form, printing and number of ballots or the preparation of the voting machines used in any City election shall conform as nearly as may be to the provisions of statute, except that no party designation or emblem shall appear in regard to City offices. In all City elections, the names of qualified candidates or nominees for each office shall be listed under a separate heading. In the event that the City shall have more than one precinct, names of qualified candidates or nominees for each office shall be listed under a separate heading and shall be rotated systematically in a manner prescribed by statute for the rotation of names.
(b) If two or more candidates or nominees for the same office have the same or similar surnames, the Election Commission shall comply with PA 116 of 1954, Section 561; MCLA 168.561; MSA 6.1561; and any amended provisions thereof.
Section 3.09 The board of canvassers designated by statute shall canvass the votes of all city elections in accordance with statute. The clerk shall notify in writing the successful candidates of their election and do so upon receipt of the results from the board of canvassers.
Section 3.10 If at any city election there shall be no choice between candidates by reason of two (2) or more candidates having received an equal number of votes, then the determination of the election of such candidate by lot will be as provided by state statute.
Section 3.11 A recount of the votes cast at any city election for any office, or upon any proposition, may be had in accordance with the general election laws of the state.
Section 3.12 Any elective official may be removed from office by the registered electors of the city in the manner provided by the general laws of the state. A vacancy created by the recall of any elective official shall be filled in the manner prescribed by state law.