Section 2.1 The City of Bronson shall be vested with any and all powers and immunities, expressed and implied, which cities are or hereafter may be, permitted to exercise or to provide for in their charters under the Constitution and laws of the State of Michigan, including all the powers and immunities which are granted to cities. These powers and immunities shall address the interests of the city, the good government and prosperity of the municipality and its inhabitants as fully and completely as though those powers and immunities were specifically enumerated in and provided for in this charter. In no case shall any enumeration of particular powers or immunities in this charter be held to be exclusive.
Section 2.2 The city may exercise any of its powers or perform any of its functions and may participate in the authorized financing thereof, jointly or in cooperation, by contract or otherwise, with any one or more states or political subdivisions of agencies thereof, or the United States or any agency thereof.
Section 2.3 Where no procedure is set forth in this charter for the exercise of any power granted to or possessed by the city and its officers, the council may resort to any procedure set forth in any statute of the State of Michigan which was passed for the government of cities, or in any other statute of the State of Michigan. If alternate procedures are to be found in different statutes, then the council shall select that procedure which it deems to be most expeditious and to the best advantage of the city and its inhabitants. Where no procedure for the exercise of any power of the city is set forth, either in this charter or in any statute of the State of Michigan, the council shall prescribe by ordinance and-or resolution a reasonable procedure for the exercise thereof.
Section 2.4 All the powers of municipal government prossessed by the city and hereby divided into two (2) general divisions: (1) legislative or policy forming as represented by the city council; and (2) administrative as represented by the appointed city officials. It shall be the duty of every officer of the city to preserve the divisions of the city government distinct and separate.