The following property development standards shall apply to the use of all land and/or buildings in the C-M (Commercial/Industrial) Zones:
   A.   Minimum lot size. Every lot shall have a minimum width on a publicly-dedicated street of one hundred (100) feet; a minimum depth of one hundred fifty (150) feet and a minimum area of twenty thousand (20,000) square feet; provided, however, where a lot has less area than required by the provisions of this section and was held under separate ownership or was of record on the date of the adoption of this section, such lot may be occupied by any use permitted in the C-M (Commercial/ Industrial) Zone if all other regulations are complied with.
   B.   Building height.
      1.   Buildings and structures erected in the C-M (Commercial/Industrial) Zone shall have a height no greater than thirty-five (35) feet. Heights above the maximum may be permitted by conditional use, subject to the provisions of § 20.408.030 of this title.
      2.   Structures permitted above height limit. Roof structures for the housing of elevators, stairways, tanks, ventilating fans or similar equipment required to operate and maintain the buildings and fire or parapet walls, skylights, towers, steeples, flagpoles, chimneys, wireless television masts, water tanks, or similar structures may be erected above the maximum height permitted in each zone. No structure shall be allowed for purposes of providing additional floor space, except as provided for in paragraph B.1. above.
   C.   Yards and setbacks. Yard and setback requirements in the C-M (Commercial/Industrial) Zone shall be the same as those provided for in the M-P (Planned Industrial) Zone (§ 20.248.040.D. of this title) and the provisions thereof for requirements.
   D.   Walls, fences, landscaping and property maintenance. 
      1.   Required walls.
         a.   Walls along setback lines and along the common property lines shall be erected as required in § 20.248.040.D. and E. of this title.
         b.   Required walls six (6) feet or more in height shall be constructed of masonry material.
         c.   Required walls less than six (6) feet in height may be constructed of other permanent material not including wood or corrugated sheet metal.
      2.   Permitted fences and walls. Fences and walls not to exceed seven (7) feet in height shall be permitted within any side or rear yard area along any common property line provided, however, that the wall or fence does not exceed a height of thirty (30) inches within the front yard or side yard on the street side of a corner or reverse corner lot.
      3.   The height of walls and fences shall be measured from the highest ground level immediately adjacent to the base of the wall.
      4.   Landscaping requirements and property maintenance. The provisions of § 20.252.040.E.5., 6., and 7. of the M-1 Zone shall apply.
   E.   Distance between buildings. No requirements.
   F.   Coverage by structure. Lot area coverage by buildings or structures shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the total lot area.
   G.   Access. Access to all off-street parking and loading areas shall be subject to the approval of the City Engineer.
   H.   Off-street parking and loading. The provisions of § 20.08.040 of this title shall apply.
   I.   Signs. The provisions of Chapter 20.28 of this title shall apply.
   J.   Outdoor activities and storage.
      1.   Outdoor storage and activities associated with permitted uses shall be entirely enclosed by building walls or by a solid masonry wall located so as to effectively screen such storage or activities. Said wall cannot be constructed frontward of the front setback line and shall not be less than seven (7) feet in height, along all other property lines. Proposed outdoor storage or activity areas shall be enclosed by a seven (7) foot wall or by screen landscaping not less than eight (8) feet in height plus a fence of chain link, or other similar material, not less than six (6) feet in height to screen stock piles from external boundaries of property. Items shall not be stacked or stored higher than six (6) feet.
      2.   The storage of combustible materials shall be not less than twenty (20) feet from any interior lot line.
      3.   No material or wastes shall be deposited upon a subject lot in such form or manner that they may be transferred off the lot by natural causes or forces.
      4.   Wastes which might cause fumes or dust or which constitute a fire hazard or which may be edible by or otherwise be attractive to rodents or insects shall be stored only in closed containers in required enclosures.
   K.   Trash storage. All storage of trash receptacles shall be screened from public view by a concrete block or masonry wall or in such a manner so that it is not visible from adjacent property and abutting public rights-of-way. Trash storage areas shall be so located on the property as to be readily accessible to service vehicles.
   L.   Metal buildings. Metal buildings shall not be permitted within the C-M (Commercial/Industrial) Zone except that buildings or structures having exterior walls of sheet metal may be located not closer than one hundred fifty (150) feet from the property line along any freeway, major or secondary highway or any other dedicated street provided.
      1.   The sheet metal comprises twenty-five percent (25%) or less of the exterior wall area of said building or structure which is adjacent, parallel to and/or visible from a publicly-dedicated street; and
      2.   The sheet metal consists of panels with baked enamel or similar finish; and
      3.   Said building is screened from the public view with walls, fencing, and landscaping or other structures.
   M.   Minimum size of zoning. No parcel of land containing less than twenty thousand (20,000) square feet shall be zoned C-M (Commercial/Industrial) unless such parcel is contiguous to an existing C-M (Commercial/Industrial) Zone and is adaptable as to shape and dimensions for development compatible with such contiguously zoned C-M (Commercial/ Industrial) property.
(Ord. 425, passed 10-14-68; Am. Ord. 873, passed 9-5-89)