The following property development standards shall apply to all land and buildings in the C-C Zone:
   A.   Zone area. 
      1.   Minimum area.  Any area to which this zoning is applied shall not be less than ten (10) acres.
   B.   Lot dimensions.  The width of the site shall not exceed a ratio of two (2) feet for each foot of depth.
   C.   Building height.
      1.   Buildings and structures erected in the C-C Zone shall have a height no greater than seventy-five (75) feet; except that a building or structure may exceed a height of seventy-five (75) feet if a conditional use permit for this purpose is granted subject to the provisions of § 20.408.030 of this title.
      2.   Structures permitted above height limit.  Roof structures for the housing of elevators, stairways, tanks, ventilating fans or similar equipment required to operate and maintain the buildings and fire or parapet walls, skylights, towers, steeples, flagpoles, chimneys, wireless and television masts, water tanks, or similar structures may be erected above the maximum height permitted in each zone.  No structure shall be allowed for purposes of providing additional floor space.
   D.   Yards and setbacks.
      1.   All yards and setbacks shall be subject to review and approval by the Planning Commission at the time of site plan review pursuant to § 20.408.040 of this title.  In no instance, however, shall any building, main or accessory, be located within one hundred (100) feet of any property line which abuts any residential zone.
      2.   The Planning Commission may require, through the site plan review procedure, permanent masonry walls and landscaping which is deemed necessary to protect adjacent residential zones and/or to improve the visual quality of the commercial complex as viewed from any abutting street.
   E.   Walls, fences, landscaping and property maintenance. 
      1.   Required walls.
         a.   Walls along common property lines shall be erected as required in paragraph D. above.
         b.   Required walls six (6) feet or more in height shall be constructed of masonry material.
         c.   Required walls less than six (6) feet in height may be constructed of other permanent material not including wood or corrugated sheet metal.
      2.   Permitted fences and walls.  Fences and walls not to exceed seven (7) feet in height shall be permitted within any side or rear yard area or along any common property line provided, however, that the wall or fence does not exceed a height of thirty (30) inches within any required street setback yard area.
      3.   Height of walls and fences.  The height of walls and fences shall be measured from highest ground level immediately adjacent to the base of the wall.
      4.   Landscaping.  The provisions of § 20.236.040.M. of C-G Zone shall apply.
      5.   Property maintenance.  The provisions of § 20.236.040.M. of C-G Zone shall apply.
   F.   Distance between buildings.  No requirements.
   G.   Off-street parking and loading.  The provisions of § 20.08.040 of this title shall apply.
   H.   Access.  Access to all off-street parking and loading areas shall conform with requirements of the City Engineer, and shall be subject to modifications by the Planning Commission upon review of the site plans.
   I.   Signs.  The provisions of Chapter 20.28 of this title shall apply.
(Ord. 425, passed 10-14-68; Am. Ord. 776, passed 3-16-82; Am. Ord. 873, passed 9-5-89)