A.   Purpose. The purpose of the plan review procedure is to enable responsible city departments to review development proposals for conformity with applicable provisions of this code and all requirements of law.
   B.   Procedure.
      1.   Application for plan review shall be submitted in accordance with § 20.400.040, together with the requisite fee therefor.
         a.   Application for plan review shall include submission of the following, where appropriate:
            (1)   Subdivision Map
            (2)   Landscape Plan
            (3)   Floor Plan
            (4)   Grading Plan
            (5)   Site Utilization Map
            (6)   Detailed Site Plan
            (7)   Building Elevations
            (8)   Phasing Plan
         b.   The items as listed above are considered a minimum. Applicants may be required to submit additional information as necessary to complete the review process.
      2.   The plans shall be reviewed by the Director for conformity with provisions of this title. The plans may be approved and signed by the Director which stipulate that the development as shown (with any changes noted by the Director) conforms with the development regulations of the zone.
      3.   For any project not requiring Planning Commission review, the Director shall provide the applicant a written decision approving, denying or conditionally approving a proposed project within thirty (30) days following submission of a complete application pursuant to Chapter 20.400. The Director's decision shall contain the appropriate findings and reasons for decision. The Director shall maintain a copy of the decision on file in the Development Services Department. The Director's decision shall be final and shall become effective ten (10) days following the date of decision subject to appeal pursuant to Chapter 20.424.
      4.   All development projects subject to Planning Commission review and approval, shall be placed on the Planning Commission agenda for consideration. The Planning Commission shall consider and act upon each discretionary application according to the provisions of this title. The Planning Commission's decision shall be noted on the plans and recorded in the Planning Commission minutes.
      5.   No building permit shall be issued until all required plans have been approved in accordance with this section and no certificate of occupancy shall be issued unless the development complies with the approved plan review application and all conditions attached thereto.
      6.   The decision of the Planning Commission shall be final and shall become effective ten (10) days after the adoption of a resolution of approval or denial by the Planning Commission, subject to the filing of a timely appeal pursuant to Chapter 20.424.
   C.   Contents of plans required. All plans required to be submitted to the Development Services Department shall indicate clearly, and with full dimensions, the information required by the application. The applicant shall provide any additional information as required by the Director to establish that the project satisfies the following aesthetic requirements:
      1.   Landscaping - Refer to the following sections:
      R-H      § 20.204.040.K.
      C-P      § 20.224.040.E.4.
      C-N      § 20.228.040.E.4.
      C-C      § 20.232.030.D.2. and
            § 20.232.030.E.4.
      C-G      § 20.236.040.M.1. through M.4.
      C-M      § 20.240.060.D.4.
      C-RC      § 20.244.040.E.4.
      M-P      § 20.248.040.E.
      M-1      § 20.252.040.D.4. through D.6. and § 20.252.040.E.5.
      M-2      § 20.256.040.
      2.   Architectural standards.
         a.   Screening of mechanical equipment and storage areas:
      R-H      § 20.204.040.G.2.d.
      R-1      § 20.208.040.E.1.b., E.2.c. and E.3.b.
      R-1(5000)   § 20.212.040.E.2.a. and E.3.b.
      R-2      § 20.216.040.E.2.a. and E.3.b.
      R-3      § 20.220.040.D.2.g. and D.3.e.
      C-P      § 20.224.050.A.
      C-N      § 20.228.050.A.
      C-C      § 20.232.040.A.
      C-G      § 20.236.040.K.1. through K.4., L., and M.3.b. and c.
      C-M      § 20.240.060.J.1. through J.4., K. and L.3.
      M-P      § 20.248.040.K. and L.3.
      M-1      § 20.252.040.K.1. through K.5. and M.1. through M.5.
      M-2      § 20.256.040.
         b.   Lighting requirements:
      R1-H      § 20.200.040.J.
      R-H      § 20.204.040.L.
      R-1      § 20.208.040.N.
      C-G      § 20.236.040.Q.
      M-1      § 20.252.040.J.3.a., b. and c.
      M-2      § 20.256.040
         c.   Required building materials:
      C-P      § 20.224.040.E.1.b. and c.
      C-N      § 20.228.040.E.1.b. and c.
      C-C      § 20.232.030.E.1.b. and c.
      C-G      § 20.236.040.E.1.b.
      C-M      § 20.240.060.D.1.b. and c.
      M-1      § 20.252.040.E.1.b. and J.2.a.
         d.   Sign requirements:
      Location and height of signs   § 20.28.190.
      Sign maintenance   § 20.28.210.
      Sign illumination   § 20.28.230.
      Parking of advertising vehicles   § 20.28.260.
      3.   Neighborhood preservation.
      R-H         § 20.204.040.G.2.d.
      R-1         § 20.208.040.E.1.b.
      R-1(5000)      § 20.212.040.E.1.b.
      R-2         § 20.216.040.E.1.b.
      R-3         § 20.220.040.D.1.b.
      C-P         § 20.224.040.E.5.
      C-N         § 20.228.040.E.5.
      C-C         § 20.232.030.E.5.
      C-G         § 20.236.040.M.6.a. and P.1. and 2.
      C-M         § 20.240.060.D.4.
      M-P         § 20.248.040.D.1., 2. and E.
      M-1         § 20.252.040.D.1. and E.6.a. through e.
      M-2         § 20.256.040.
      4.   Art in public places program requirements.
         a.   Except as otherwise provided in this title, all development projects are subject to the requirements contained in the most recently adopted or amended version of the Art in Public Places Manual.
         b.   All developers of commercial projects, industrial projects, including attached and detached additions to existing commercial and industrial buildings, and residential projects of five (5) dwelling units or more with a total building valuation are required to select, purchase and install permanent outdoor sculpture accessible by the general public. The required minimum art allocation shall be as established in the Art in Public Places Manual. For any custom home development, the art requirement will be based on an estimate of the homes' market value, based on lot size and existing market. If development of a project is to proceed in phases, the phasing plan shall include information reflecting compliance with the Art in Public Places requirements and shall be subject to review and approval, all as specified in the Art in Public Places Manual. Additional requirements of the city's Art in Public Places Program are set forth in the Art in Public Places Manual.
         c.   All property owners are responsible for maintaining the art work in clean, undamaged condition for the lifetime of the art work. The obligation to maintain the art work shall be evidenced by written instrument recorded with the County Recorder setting forth such obligation. A copy of the instrument shall be submitted to the city immediately following recordation.
(Am. Ord. 1050, passed 6-19-01)