§ 20.206.210  OTHER REGULATIONS.
   A.   Exterior lighting.  Exterior lighting shall be properly shielded to avoid glare and the spill of light to surrounding areas.  Low-level lighting and the use of multiple low profile fixtures is encouraged, as opposed to the use of fewer, but taller fixtures. Emphasis for exterior lighting shall be on safety and landscape lighting as opposed to building lighting.  The applicant shall present descriptions of exterior lighting in the design guideline manual required by § 20.206.050.
   B.   Decks.  Decks shall be integrated into the architecture of the house and not appear as an add-on to the primary building mass.  All decks shall be limited to the pad area(s) of a lot.  Decks over thirty (30) inches in height shall maintain a minimum setback from pad edge of one-half (½) the minimum setback for the applicable yard.  No decks within front yard setback areas shall be allowed.  The applicant shall present illustrations and descriptions of decks in the design guideline manual required by §  20.206.050.
   C.   Utilities.  All newly installed utilities shall be placed underground unless, in the determination of the authority responsible for approving the hillside development permit, such requirement would result in unsafe conditions. All existing electric power lines of capacity sixty-six (66) kilovolts or less shall be relocated underground.
   D.   Gated communities prohibited. Gated communities shall be prohibited.
(Ord. 1079, passed 11-2-04)