A.   The purpose of creating subdivision design standards within the Hillside Residential zone is to provide for hillside development that maintains the integrity of the hillsides’ natural characteristics and features while addressing development challenges present in hillside settings, consistent with the purpose of this chapter set forth in § 20.206.010.
   B.   Further, the purpose of these subdivision design standards is to require that infrastructure such as but not limited to roads, utilities, drainage, and sound attenuation barriers serve both a utilitarian and aesthetic purpose.  To better preserve the integrity of subdivision design within the Hillside Residential district, design elements such as the cutting of significant ridgelines, unarticulated linear slope faces, and massive retaining walls are prohibited except as set forth in the exceptions listed in §§ 20.206.080.C. or 20.206.100.B.6.
   C.   The subdivision design standards set forth in §§ 20.206.080 through 20.206.150, inclusive, are intended to augment, not replace, the subdivision design and improvements regulations enforced by the  Municipal Code.
(Ord. 1079, passed 11-2-04; Am. Ord. 1101, passed 5-15-07)