§ 20.60.060  PLAN REVIEW.
   A.   Exterior alterations, including but not limited to restoration, rehabilitation, remodeling, additions, demolition, relocation, or subdivision of a designated historic resource shall require a plan review in accordance with § 20.408.040 of this title.
   B.   In evaluating a project involving alteration to an identified historic resource, the plan review shall consider the existing and proposed architectural style, design, arrangement, texture, materials, and any other factors with regard to the original distinguishing architectural characteristics of the historic resource.  The “Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings” shall be used as a guide.  In addition to these guidelines, the plan review shall comment on project consistency with the following performance guidelines.
      1.   With regard to an identified historic structure, the proposed work should neither adversely affect the significant architectural features of the resource no adversely affect the character of the historical, architectural, or aesthetic interest or value of the resource.
      2.   With regard to construction of a new improvement, addition, building, or structure upon the site of an identified historic structure, the use and exterior of such improvements would not adversely affect and would be compatible with the use and exterior of existing historic resource.
   C.   The Planning Commission shall review any major alteration to a historic resource in a public hearing in accordance with the procedures established in § 20.60.050.C.
(Ord. 953, passed 6-21-94)