A.   No permit issued pursuant to this chapter may be assigned or transferred without the prior written approval of the Director.  The applicant shall apply for a transfer on a form provided by the Director, and shall pay a nonrefundable application processing fee in the amount established by City Council resolution.
   B.   Transfer of partnership or corporate ownership.  An application for approval of a transfer of a permit shall be required prior to any change in an interest in a partnership or ownership of ten percent (10%) or more of the stock of a corporation to any person not listed on the application filed by said application.
   C.   An application for transfer of a permit may be denied for any of the grounds specified for denial of an original permit application in § 20.44.090 of this chapter.  Procedures for notice of denial of a transfer and appeal thereof shall be identical to those procedures for denial of a permit application specified in § 20.44.090 of this chapter.
(Ord. 938, passed 7-6-93)