A.   The Director shall approve the permit unless he or she determines from a consideration of the application, city inspection of the premises or other pertinent information that:
      1.   That information contained in the application or supplemental information requested from the applicant is false in any material detail.
      2.   The proposed location of the adult entertainment business would not comply with the requirements of §§ 20.44.030 or 20.44.040 of this chapter.
      3.   The operation of the adult entertainment business is or would be in violation of one or more provisions of these regulations.
      4.   The premises where adult entertainment business is or will be located does not comply with all applicable laws, including, but not limited to the city's building, health, zoning, and fire ordinances.
      5.   That a permit to operate the adult entertainment establishment has been issued to the applicant, a partner of the applicant, or a stockholder or the applicant which the stockholder owns more than ten percent (10%) of the applicant's corporate stock, which permit has been suspended and the period of suspension has not yet ended.
   B.   Notice of permit denial shall be in writing and shall state the grounds therefore.  Notice shall be personally served on the permit applicant or mailed to the address listed on the application form.
   C.   An adult entertainment permit may be suspended for up to one year or revoked for any of the reasons specified as grounds for permit denial in paragraph A.1. through 5. above.
(Ord. 938, passed 7-6-93)